Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Puraran Beach - Catanduanes

April 29, 2017

Post Birthday Celebration

Puraran Beach - Catanduanes

Its a dream come true that we visit this place its called "paradise of south pacific"

My friend and i decided to visit the place of catanduanes since we were going to celebrate her 25th birthday. when the times comes, both of us were so excited to get there. 

Entrance of Puraran Beach

Finally, as we came here already we take a lot of pictures before we check in to resort - my co work got to help us to be here since he has a motorcycle ;)

At your Service 

MOdelllll :) 

View from Top!! 

so hhoottt 12:48pm to be exact!

This is our kubo house- we rent it for 2 nights since we must also experience the beauty of place. the room was good. theres a CR, electric fan, and also a "duyan". hehe

me and her!lol


around 1pm in the afternoon!

Up Up Up #oppophone

Around 2pm we have to eat our lunch at "majetic puraran beach resort" it takes 45 mins to wait for our foods. the next thing that we did we go the rocky top at left side as we took some selfies there. 

yann!! photo credit by

That hill called "balacay point" 

Rocky on top!!!

right side!!

Sa gitna ng batuhann :) 

One of our best shot.choss!!!

tumatambay lang si kuya ahh..lols

Bang Bang Jump!!! 

ehem.talikogenic daw.lols

keep walking..

Go! and Explore the Beauty of Catanduanes ;) 

How to Get There: 

Origin                             Destination                               Transpo                            Amount
 Legazpi City                           Tabaco Port Terminal                      BUS                                   50.00
 Tabaco Port Terminal              Virac Port                                      SHIP                                  330.00
 Virac Port                               Puraran Beach, Baras                   Motorcycle                           00.00
Good thing that we had our friend there so he had to treat us going to baras ;) i think if you take tricycle going to baras it cost 150.00 pesos

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